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About Us

Who we are, what we do

From the very beginning, Kingsley EduGroup was established with a vision of raising a new generation of entrepreneurial achievers. A strong academic foundation combined with experiental learning provides the platform upon which all Kingsley EduGroup learners build. In modelling an enterprising spirit throughout the organization,from leadership to educators, the Group hopes to instill enterprising mindsets in learners. Operationally, the Group is geared towards continuous development through collaboration and resource-sharing.

Our Teaching & Learning Approach

The power of Education x Experience x Enterprising Mindset

01. Know How

Know How by receiving information and instruction.

02. Experience

Experience by participating in hands-on, experiential learning.

03. Bridge

Bridge by bridging knowledge and experience to develop solutions for any challenge.

K.E.B. Cycle

The K.E.B. Cycle is more than a way of learning. It is a way of life which all Kingsley EduGroup communities commit to - from administrators to educators and learners.

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