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Kingsley International School is a bully-free school. Our culture of care and trust is why our students, parents and teachers believe in the Kingsley way. The School’s bully-free policies are preventive and restorative as harsh discipline does not benefit children. Our primary concern is to safeguard a reassuring environment for every child, where no one is singled out or ignored.

Our bully-free policies focus on 3 core areas which are taught as part of the School’s Personal, Social and Health Education(PSHE) curriculum:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World

Kingsley Stories

It is beyond any doubt that Shenq Kang’s achievement is the result of your effort and that of and all his teachers. He has the ability. But the enthusiasm and passion for knowledge was nearly destroyed before he went to Kingsley. attending. By the time we enrolled him in Kingsley, his enthusiasm was almost completely wiped out. KINGSLEY created his success. I am grateful to you and every staff who gave him the chance and built his passion for knowledge. It was Kingsley's conducive learning environment that contributed to his recent success in ICGSE. He had a perfect score of 100 in Math and 97 in Physics and Chemistry.

Parent of Tan Shenq KangTan Shenq Kang is the proud recipient of Excellent Academic Achiever Award for the Class of 2016/2017 and the top performer in IGCSE examinations with straight A*.

It would take me forever to share about all the good memories and friends I’ve made in Kingsley so I think I’ll talk about the ones most special to me. I remember my first day of school. I was the shy, awkward kid with big glasses who had just moved to Malaysia but to my surprise I made 2 friends right away! Since then I’ve made lots of friends (hi Grace, Alyssa, Shania, Arvind, Mark Pravin, Justin and the rest of the guys and girls at Kingsley!).
I also remember my teachers, how they made learning so much fun and how they’ve helped me become who I am today. There was a class with Mr William (the funniest, most amazing teacher ever) where he made The Merchant of Venice a book worth remembering. I remember my role models and friends – my teachers Mr Naz, Mr Renato, Ms Anushia, Ms Elaine, Mr Eugene, Mr Muralee, Ms Roslina, Ms May, Mr Nicolass, and Mr David. Even the teachers I never got to spend enough time with have a special place in my heart for always being so warm and welcoming. I just want to say that I love everyone at Kingsley and I miss you all very much!

Abeer Kazi, 2012 – 2014Currently residing in Canada with his parents and sister, also a Kingsleyian.

When I first moved to Malaysia 2 years ago, I was anxious about my children’s special education needs. I never imagined at the time that I would find a school where my children would thrive, much less find a welcoming family in a new land. The day I visited and shared my worries with the Kingsley administrators, I was comforted by how they seemed more than understanding and eager to help. Kingsley has since become a second home to us. Even though I’m not from around here, I’ve never felt like an outsider. Our experiences so far, along with the amazing teachers and top notch facilities, have made Kingsley the best school in our eyes.

Saamia KaziParent

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching or having my children involved in many different schools in the last decade and Kingsley is by far the best. From the top down, the administration is, without a doubt, the most authentically caring group I’ve ever seen. They truly and kindly care for the students’ wellbeing and nothing is more valuable in a young person’s life than to have someone believe in you the way Kingsley teachers do.

Christopher LembeckWriter/ Teacher/ Life Coach/ World-Class Wrestler Author of “How To Go From Where You Are Now, To Where You Want To Be.”