We Care

It is important that kids feel like they matter and that they are cared for at Maple Leaf Kingsley. We know from experience that having a secure and stable environment to learn leads to happy, confident learners. Teachers interact with students on a daily basis and take a strong interest in their concerns. They are the “first line” of support for the boys and girls here. The School also has trained pastoral staff who provide additional guiding support for kids throughout the ups and downs of their academic or personal journeys here at Maple Leaf Kingsley.

For new students and transfers, Maple Leaf Kingsley provides an excellent care programme that monitors academic and personal progress throughout a student’s first term. Making friends is easy since the School has an enthusiastic group of peer mentors and buddies who love helping out their new schoolmates.

Effective Learning

Begins With Understanding

Just as children need to first understand in order to learn, we must first understand how they pick up information to help them learn better. Every child learns differently. One student may learn by observing. Another may learn by listening. Yet another may learn by doing.

Once your child’s natural learning preference is identified, our teachers develop teaching strategies that play to his or her strengths to optimize learning. In group learning settings, our teachers make lessons accessible to all students by combining observation (visual), listening (auditory) and doing (kinaesthetic) activities. For example, students may watch a video, discuss the video, and then participate in a practical activity.