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People often ask me about my perception of Kingsley so I will take a brief moment and share. I believe Kingsley is an exceptionally awesome school. It’s truly one-of-a kind. The positives are many and great with much more good yet to come. I believe Kingsley is the perfect place to educate your child. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching or having my children involved at many different schools in the last decade and Kingsley is by far the best.

From the top down, the administration is without a doubt the most authentically caring group I’ve ever seen. They truly and kindly care for our students general well-being and perhaps nothing is more valuable in a young person’s development. The teachers, well, simply put, they rock.
A truly dynamic and talented group of professionals who are outstanding in their content, passionate in their purpose and extraordinarily effective in their ways. Look around the globe and you’ll not find a finer staff. The students are amazing and simply the best of the best. Never have I seen such close kids, so encouraging and supportive of one another.

Knowing your kids are going to a school without having to worry about the meanness and bullying that pervades so many others is truly a blessing and feather in our collective cap. It’s so easy to work so hard for kids that are as mindful, respectful and full of character as the students of Kingsley.
If you are looking for an optimal atmosphere, a truly committed staff and awesome kids to rub shoulders with, then I believe Kingsley is the ONE for you.

“I’ve had the pleasure of teaching or having my children involved at many different schools in the last decade and Kingsley is by far the best.

– Christopher Lembeck, Writer/ Teacher/ Life Coach/ World-Class Wrestler, Author of “How To Go From Where You Are Now, To Where You Want To Be.”

William and Anthony started at Kingsley International at the beginning of year 7.

After attending open days at several International schools we chose Kingsley because of the facilities, subject matter and activities offered. We were most encouraged by the professional attitude of the teaching staff who made us as parents and the children feel most welcome, answering questions clearly and in detail of what Kingsley could offer and what we could expect from the teaching fraternity, which can be most daunting when your child progresses from primary school, in our case from a Chinese school to a UK curriculum. We haven’t been disappointed, from the start the boys were separated to different classes, so advised by the principal that they preferred the boys to develop their own skills as individuals and whilst we had doubts, this has certainly helped them mature, with their own opinions on life in general. Both boys are keen swimmers and they represent Kingsley as well as their own swim club, the choice of sport is wide and is an important part of recreational learning and discipline and goes hand in hand with the development of their attitudes. 

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected everyone and despite teething troubles with the online teaching we were most impressed with the daily classes, interacting with fellow students in their groups and conducting experiments that even got me involved. As parents we had the job of ensuring homework and test papers were completed and my only criticism was that the boys were on different paths of study for much of the time which made our job twice as difficult! Now they are back at school and we all pray that we have passed the critical stage whereby all the children can continue studies in the classroom. 

I have no doubt we chose the correct International School for our children and we look forward to the coming years as they approach their O and A Levels.

– James Hedger, Father of  William Hedger & Anthony Hedger Year 7

Both girls enrolled to Kingsley International from January 2020.  I had found Kingsley International School long before coming to Malaysia when I just got a job offer from a local company and started looking for an appropriate international school for my two daughters. I had rummaged through petabytes of ads, articles and feedback and finally chose Kingsley as the most prospective school for my kids.

By now my girls have been studying in Kingsley for seven months and I see I made the right choice. It was a really tough experience for them to start education without knowledge of English, but Kingsley’ teachers were so kind and considerate of my kids and helped them to adapt in a short time. I see the great progress of my daughters.

I would especially like to thank the teachers for their efforts and courage in teaching children online during MCO. My very special thanks to the Year 2 teachers Ms Aggy and Ms Cindy for their passion and willingness to help.

My girls are really happy to study at Kingsley and beg me to stay here for the whole period of studying. They say “This school is the best ever !” and that’s because Kingsley is truly a bully-free school. They faced a lot of bullying back to a Russian school, but here they feel a peaceful and friendly environment. 

Moreover, “the classes here are never boring! They’re making us curious and encourage us to study and discover more and more!”

– Mikhail Yurin Father of Alisa Yurina (Y2) and Kseniya Yurina (Y5)

“The future belongs to those who believe in the potential of their dreams, and the potential of their dreams rests upon their experiences and upbringing at school.”

Upon enrolling at Kingsley International School at the age of 13, I had nothing in mind to the life-changing adventure I would be embarking on in this fantastic institution. On my first day, I remember vividly the breathtaking view of the school’s spectacular infrastructure from afar. It appeared grandeur, prominent and simply fantastic! The scenic background of the high hills, green trees and the luscious landscape further highlighted the location of the school. I was amazed beyond belief at the sheer scale and size of the school; It was so well-built in fact, that as soon as I arrived in front of it, I felt waves of motivation to be the best student I can be at this great institution.

The facilities at Kingsley International School were extremely convenient and useful, as students are able to utilise these facilities for their own personal development and other needs. The school features many academic facilities such as the library where students are able to read or revise for upcoming tests or exams. Students are also able to use the music room, where they’re able to practice musical instruments and further improve their musical abilities. Alongside academic facilities, sports facilities are also accessible all throughout the school. Facilities such as basketball courts, fields, ping-pong tables, gymnasiums, swimming pools and so much more. With so many of these facilities being available to students, their knowledge, kinesthetic ability and drive to learn more will surely be impacted positively.

To be able to focus in class and flourish, however, is to have a well-balanced, nutritious and healthy meals everyday. Kingsley never fails to give their students the best of the best in terms of food. The meals that I have had at Kingsley are simply delicious and appetizing! Everytime I’ve had lunch, I feel a surge of adrenaline that kicks in, and that always pushes me to continue learning for the day. At the beginning, I was skeptical about the food, and chose to not consume it. However, after trying it, I instantly regretted my decision of not purchasing it earlier! The meal plan is extremely worthy and enticing as it includes a variety of dishes from many different cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indian, & Western styled meals.

The true journey, however, begins in the classrooms, where I discovered the great ingenious teachers and dedicated students of Kingsley International School. The mere privilege to attend such valuable classes, and to partake in many interactive school activities were astonishing! To put it into a concise manner, Kingsley’s environment will transform you into the most capable and strongest version of yourself. Kingsley is a beacon for growth and positivity, as bullies are basically non-existent at the institution. This harmonious & safe backdrop paves a way for students to stride forward without any negative external disturbances. Ultimately, as students go through such a prosperous environment, they are gradually moulded into better people, which will then allow them to make our world a better place.

With the right environment comes the right mindset, and with the right mindset comes success. This is a simple but crucial principle I’ve learnt at Kingsley. As I was in the perfect environment, surrounded by responsible teachers and determined peers, I began to mature as a person. This foundation solidifies every student’s ability to maintain academic, curricular & social excellence. Kingsley is indeed an institution that pushes it’s students steadily through exam-oriented schedules, competitive tournaments, social events, school projects and much more. Due to this preparation, students develop an innate ability to learn and improve at an even faster rate. As a result, students acquire useful skills and valuable traits throughout their schooling years in a shorter period of time. I have had so many memorable experiences at Kingsley, and there are so many more opportunities for me to grasp. I am grateful to be a student at this prestigious institution, as I believe that I have become a better student and a better person from my upbringing at school.

Are you looking for the school of your dreams? Are you trying to unlock your fullest potential as a student? Eureka! Your solution is here. Kingsley International School, Truly Like No Other.

My experience at Kingsley International School has made me reinforce this quote:

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

 – Albert Einstein

-Reshmanraaj Singam, Current Y10 Student

“It would take me forever to share about all the good memories and friends I’ve made in Kingsley so I think I’ll talk about the ones most special to me. I remember my first day of school. I was the shy, awkward kid with big glasses who had just moved to Malaysia but to my surprise I made two friends right away! Since then I’ve made lots of friends. My regards to Grace, Alyssa, Shania, Arvind, Mark Pravin, Justin and the rest of the students at Kingsley.
I also remember my teachers, how they made learning so much fun and how they have helped me become who I am today. There was a class with Mr William (the funniest, most amazing teacher ever) where he made The Merchant of Venice a book worth remembering. I remember my role models and friends – my teachers Mr Naz, Mr Renato, Ms Anushia, Ms Elaine, Mr Eugene, Mr Muralee, Ms Roslina, Ms May, Mr Nicolass, and Mr David. Even the teachers I never got to spend enough time with have a special place in my heart for always being warm and welcoming. I just want to say that I love everyone at Kingsley and I miss you all very much!

-Abeer Kazi, 2012 – 2014, Currently residing in Canada with his parents and sister, also a Kingsleyian.

“When I first moved to Malaysia two years ago, I was anxious about my children’s special education needs. I never imagined at the time that I would find a school where my children would thrive, much less find a welcoming family in a new land. The day I visited and shared my worries with the Kingsley administrators, I was comforted by how they seemed more than understanding and eager to help. Kingsley has since become a second home to us. Even though I’m not from around here, I’ve never felt like an outsider. Our experiences so far, along with the amazing teachers and top notch facilities, have made Kingsley the best school in our eyes.”

– Saamia Kazi, Parent

Kingsley is truly a school that has positively impacted my children. My son is uniquely clever and has a talent for his academics. He has a short temper and this has caused him to experience some trouble towards the last week of term 3. Despite being punished, he was bursting with adrenaline and excitement to return to school as he began Year 3. My daughter who has a timid nature shares the same energy and enthusiasm as her brother to venture back to school as well. I had witnessed her happy and cheerful demeanor at the school’s conducive environment which allows her to express herself with confidence and clarity. I seldom see the timorous side of her now, as she has improved tremendously over the years at Kingsley. The school has definitely done something exceptional to have molded my kids into dedicated students who love and cherish their school fervently. I am thankful for the school teachers and management to have been by my side always in my children’s educational development.
– Parents of Jaylene Ong (7 Imperial) and Jayvin Ong (3 Cambridge)

It is beyond any doubt that Shenq Kang’s achievement is the result of him studying at Kingsley. His teachers has contributed towards his success tremendously.
He has the ability to excel but his enthusiasm and passion for knowledge was nearly destroyed before he embarked on his journey as a student to Kingsley. 
KINGSLEY created his success. As a parent, I am grateful to Kingsley and every staff who gave him the opportunity and built his passion for knowledge. 
It was Kingsley’s conducive learning environment that contributed to his recent success in IGCSE. 
He had a perfect score of 100 in Maths and 97 in both Physics and Chemistry.


-Parent of Tan Shenq Kang. Tan Shenq Kang is the proud recipient of Excellent Academic Achiever Award for the Class of 2016/2017 and the top performer in IGCSE examinations with straight A*.

Every child would remember their time at school. My time in Kingsley has certainly stuck with me and will continue to do so for many years to come. I literally grew up in Kingsley going from primary to secondary school for 8 years. I still fondly remember the memories and laughter from our original, homey campus in the heart of Putra Heights and all the fun times I spent in there. From our humble beginnings we grew into our current, much cooler home. But what makes Kingsley stand out like no other is not the amazing facilities (although they do help!), but the truly stellar team of educators that have devoted themselves completely to the students. I can confidently say without a moment’s hesitation that each and every teacher at Kingsley has left a permanent impression on me and all my friends.

To this day, I can still name some of my very best teachers: Ms Priya, Mr Chua, Ms Joanne, Ms Terrisa, Mr Joel, Ms Roslina, Mr Chin, Mr John, Mr Tan (every Kingsley student would agree he made Kingsley so much more memorable for us!), Ms Elaine, Cikgu Sabaria, Chef Sam, Mr Thiru and both Mr Davids! I can personally say that each of them has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher. I remember Ms Priya diligently explaining math concepts to me years after she stopped teaching me in year 6. I remember Ms Terrisa doing her very best to bring my standard of Mandarin up to A* levels a week before our exams—and she wasn’t even my teacher! I remember Ms Elaine sacrificing her own time after school to prepare us to her very best for our IGCSE exams. I remember Ms Roslina sitting with me to ensure that every part of my scholarship applications was perfect. I remember having had the best teachers possible who made every moment in school memorable.

I can assure anyone and everyone reading this that if you went around the world looking for the best in education, you would always end up back in Kingsley; because what you get here is not just an education. What you get is an experience and a journey of lifelong support that is really like no other.

-Andre Tan Alumni of 2019

Throughout my 5 years in Kingsley International School, I’ve learned a great deal of lessons as a student and as a person. From the kitchen chefs to the front office staff, to the teachers, to the management staff, to the security guards of the school, have provided me such a safe and holistic learning environment that has challenged me to step out of my comfort zones. The endless support and love given to me in high school has molded me to be a more ambitious and courageous person which has sparked my passion in business and counseling. It was an amazing learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom, especially the learning journeys which enriched my high school life at Kingsley, allowing me to accumulate a well-rounded high school experience. Personally, Kingsley has been a place of growth that has prepared me for the future in more ways than just academically. Kingsley was just like my second home.Life is full of unexpected events, I’ve been through the highs and lows as a student, just like how you would too. Whatever your dreams shall be, go ahead and dream big. Just make sure you complete what’s necessary and stay focused, because you get there when you get there.

Geraldine Yeow, Kingsley Alumni 2017/18

My experience with Kingsley is great. Being there for six years, not only have I gained knowledge from the teachers but some great friends as well! Without the constant support and help from my teachers and friends, I wouldn’t have overcome those difficulties I encountered. For that, I am eternally grateful. Teachers in Kingsley are great in teaching , not to mention the kindness. Many teachers have sacrificed their personal time to give us extra lessons to get us well-prepared for exams. Some teachers even spent their own money on prizes to encourage us to do our best in activities and exams. I missed all the moments in class with my friends and teachers like Ms Priya who helped me to get my very first A in Math exam where I came to love math ever since then, Mr Tan who makes Malay the most enjoyable lesson ever, Mr Brian who is fun and always encourages me, Ms Guna who taught me the importance of English and many other teachers. I am really thankful that I am given the opportunity to meet such great teachers and friends that stayed by my side no matter what happened.

                                           – Gan Hui Lin, Current Year 11 student

Kingsley International School has done a good job so far. The teachers there were very easy to communicate with and the students there were very friendly to help out when I had problems. After studying in Kingsley, I got a clearer picture of my future pathway and career as they have given recommendations about students’ future pathway. Now, I am almost done with my A-levels and felt very grateful that I studied in Kingsley as they cared about students’ academic much.

 – Lok Jia Meen, Alumni of 2019


I came straight from Lebanon back home to Malaysia. My dad was searching around for schools and I have been to and been interviewed by many International Schools. I honestly say, that I am very thankful my dad chose Kingsley. I came from a school which had 10000 students and it was operating for over 125 years, however my best high school years were in Kingsley International School.

I found great friends here and I am still in touch with them. My home room teacher Ms May taught me a lot of life lessons. I am grateful to Ms Ellis who had many small chats with me some of them were counselling sessions, but it shaped me for the better. Now I have the wonderful privilege to rejoin some of my teachers, but this time as a colleague. The fact that many teachers who taught me remained there just shows the type of school Kingsley is.

Not many may have this special opportunity I was given to be sitting on both sides of the table as student and teacher. My journey with Kingsley showed me how much my teachers cared for me and is still to this day putting in so much effort for the children who may not understand the love they are being shown just as how I never fully understood. Thank you Kingsley for my many memories safely treasured in my heart.

– Ivan Yeoh Kar Weng 2011 – 2013

It was my immense luck to have my secondary schooling years in Kingsley International School, a place which has witnessed the milestone of my growth throughout the five years. I am always grateful and thankful for all the opportunities given to enjoy the wonderful facilities and experiences in this school. I remember how excited I was on the first day entering the school, can’t wait to make new friends, meet new teachers and enjoy the school’s facilities! Although putting myself into a completely new environment seems like a challenge to me, I stepped out my first step to speak to a new friend on my first day of school. They are friendly and outgoing as they talked to me like they have known me for years! My five years of studying in Kingsley was a wonderful and memorable experience as it has successfully developed my leadership skills, public speaking skills, improved my English speaking ability and also friendship managing skills. Most importantly, the learning experiences.

I missed how much my teachers spent time telling interesting stories in class, entertained us with hilarious videos, learning interactive games and also how my friends and I spent time bonding together in all the events held by Kingsley International School such as the learning journey, marathon run, charity bazaar and Duke of Edinburgh Awards! It was such a fun and delightful experience that I can never stop telling stories about it! I used to be a shy, quiet and timid girl. I turned into a brave, courageous and outgoing person! I want to say a big thank you to all my teachers including Mr Khoo, Mr Thiru, Ms Priya and others. Time flies and now I have graduated from Kingsley International School. Thank you for bringing me to a brighter future and shaping me into a better person. Lastly, I cannot forget the delicious food served in Kingsley. I miss the food.
Kingsley International School, I miss you and I love you. You are the best thing that happened in my life!

– Ng Xiang Yin Alumni of 2019

I came from a Chinese school and growing up in a Mandarin-speaking family. I couldn’t even speak a proper sentence in English when I first joined Kingsley International School.  Throughout the years in Kingsley, I’ve gained a lot of great memories and learning experiences, which helps to improve my English skills. Friends and teachers have been very helpful. Besides, Kingsley provides a variety of ways to make studies fun and unique. One of my greatest memories in Kingsley is the Pangkor Island trip, I’ve gained wonderful experience with teachers and friends during the trip. Not only that, but they also provide outdoor classrooms, they educate us on life skills such as camping, which is not just about academics.

I’m thankful that my parents have chosen Kingsley. English stands a huge role in my future studies. Thanks to Kingsley, I’ve found it easier to cope with the syllabus as I am used to an English learning environment. After graduating from Kingsley, I further my studies in college and successfully graduated with a Diploma at the age of 18. It’s been 4years since I graduated from Kingsley. I’m currently in the final semester of my degree, majoring in Broadcasting. Kingsley is not just about education, the teacher helps you through your journey and make you a better person.

– Lim Wei Liang, Alumni of 2016

I’m Ka Sen and I attended Kingsley International School since Year 9 in 2011. I remember Kingsley was still based in the shop lots of Putra Heights. However, the quality of education wasn’t compromised. I had the opportunity to take the Cambridge IGCSE examinations through Kingsley and I was glad that the school supported me all the way through. I had passionate teachers who conducted classes professionally with a spirit excellence. The management of Kingsley prioritised the quality of teaching throughout my years at the school and Kingsley provided consistent quality of education. Furthermore, the wide variety of extracurricular activities offered by the school was remarkable. Each semester I pursued activities that I had interests in and always found myself overwhelmed with the choices. Besides, I enjoyed the extracurricular activities as the supervisors were trained and experienced. I left Kingsley in 2014 after completing 3 years of education there and Kingsley left me an impression of a school that is committed to bringing the best out from their students. The experience I had from Kingsley has brought me tremendous amount of confidence in my secondary school education.

– Low Ka Sen, Kingsley Alumni 2014/15

“I have always believed that a good school is one filled with dedicated and nurturing educators, teaching inquisitive and aspirational students in a safe, warm, and friendly environment with the collective determination to succeed, better oneself and each other. With this notion and the glowing recommendations of friends already enrolled, Kingsley became a clear choice for me in 2013 when I joined to pursue my IGCSE studies.

At the time, Kingsley had a small campus setup in a Putra Heights business centre. Despite not having the many fine facilities it has today, it still felt like home because of its people. From the warm welcome offered by classmates on my first day and extra personal tutoring sessions by teachers to help me catch up with my peers, to the interactive classroom activities and free-period board games classmates and I played that quickly helped me build strong friendships. Every day spent learning at Kingsley cultivated my confidence and equipped me with the skills I needed to excel academically and socially. I was very fortunate to have driven teachers like Ms. Christine, Mr. Gopal, and Mr. Tan who taught creatively and encouraged me to strive for success as well as Mr. Eugene and Mr. Brian who helped me realise my passion for Accounting. I believe, the people I met and skills I developed during my time at Kingsley enabled me to perform well in my IGCSE exams. My experiences further served me well after graduating from Kingsley in my subsequent A Level exams and entrance into LSE.

To recount every wonderful memory shared, hilarious anecdote or intellectual discussion held amongst the lifelong friends and instrumental educators at Kingsley would be an insurmountable task. Even so, my 2-year experience will always be cherished dearly as Kingsley delivered its promise – to provide an education and experience … like no other.”

-Savina Santha Kumar, Nov 2013 – June 2015, Recently graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a BSc in Accounting and Finance

Truly like no others! That’s all I can say! I am proud to be a Kingsley’s student. I joined this amazing school in Year 7 the last week of Term 1 before Christmas Celebration. Well, as normal everyone will be shy in a new environment. I was expecting not to meet any new friends on my first day in school. I was wrong about it. The first day I reached school in a school van, I was welcomed by our security guards at our Ground Floor Lobby. Their smile on their face made me felt more comfortable and confident on the first day! Even our teachers and Front Office Staff stood at the Lobby, faced the Main Entrance to greet the students and parents. How lovely is that? That’s definitely a best way to start a day, especially a first day! 

 I was welcomed by a guy called Yew Jie in my first class 7 Cambridge. He was polite and kind to help me get a table and chair for me. We started talking to each other and asking each other questions. Guess what, he is my best friend until now! The students were great and very kind to help each other. I had a lot of wonderful classmates and teachers throughout the years. Our teachers are amazing! They are so lovely towards the students, they care about students, they even hangout with students. That’s what make our teachers special and gained respect from the students. Our teachers will help the student no matter what kind of difficulty he or she was facing. I was once feeling down because of my results. My homeroom teachers and some other teachers helped me and made me strong again! 

Our school have a lot of wonderful facilities. You named it, we have it. We even have Aikido Room, Gymnastics hall, Officials size of basketball court in our Residential Hall. Olympic size 50m swimming pool, Music Room, Art Room ICT Lab, science labs and a lot more!! You definitely have to pay a visit and check it out. 

Kingsley International School also provides a lot of exciting activities for the students and teachers to bond their relationships. We have School Production which I was a member from the KIS Music Band. I was a drummer and the Vice President of KIS Music Band. That music Band is not just a band. It’s a FAMILY. We can feel how strong music have brought us together. Overall, I really enjoyed our school activities. Their activities were unforgettable. Students and teachers came together as one team and made the school production very successful. 

I spent 5 years in Kingsley learning to grow and enter the real society. Honestly our teachers and staff put their sweat and tears just to make sure we have a bright future. I want to thank all the teachers and the school principle for making this a wonderful environment for learning that made me have a wonderful memory. This is a gate for me to step out to the real world. This is the place where I start my bright future. This is the place where we cry and smile and at the end it all turned to be a great memory. This is where I grew. This is where I stepped in. This is where I stepped out. I’ve played drum for Five years as a self taught drummer. I will definitely miss the drum. That drum is where I released all my emotions and feelings towards anything. I am glad that it has been together with me this far. I will never forget that at all!! 

This is where we learnt.

This is where we grew. 

This is where we bond.

This is where the chemistry between us started. 


– Henry Seh Zhun Yong, Alumni 2019/20

My experience with Kingsley International School is simply amazing. Being there for 8 years, I have made a lot of friends such as Kaixun, Elvis, Reshman, Isabelle, Minori , Ryan  De Silva and others. I joined Kingsley when I was very young. Ms. Priya and Ms. Ellis looked after me throughout the years.

I received help from friends and teachers. I love the teachers in this school.  They are patient, caring and take their jobs as educators very seriously. Ms Ellis is a caring and loving CEO. She is always smiling and demonstrates support to her students. She gave me the opportunity to be in the student council. Ms. Priya, the Vice Principal guided the student council and I would like to thank her for the continuous guidance. I appreciate Ms. Sue who encourages me to never give up and be confident.

Throughout my study in Kingsley, I wish to acknowledge my best teachers namely Mr. Pawel who guided me when I was in Year 7, Mr. Imran who guided me when I was in Year 8 and provided me with extra lessons, Mr. Sharul helped me to improve in Malay language. As a result, I did well in Malay in Year 9. Mr. Babu who helped me with Maths throughout the terms. Mr. Hakimin, my PE teacher who gave me an opportunity to play football in the school team and in the charity bazaar football match.  Mr. Kyle and Ms. Lashia made their lessons informative and fun. Ms. Cha who guided me in both primary and secondary school. Ms. Fasekhah taught me travel and tourism subject and she was my homeroom teacher too. Ms. Owyang who showed care and concern when I was not well. Ms. Adel who gave me an opportunity to be at the production of the school play.

This school is both exciting and fun. If I had a choice, I will never want to leave this school. Kingsley has good facilities such as counselling room, spacious classrooms, science labs, library, school field, Olympic size swimming pool, music room and more. I like the school field as students can play different types of ball games.

I will always love my friends, teachers and staff at Kingsley. In summary, I’m proud to be a Kingsley student and I have unforgettable memories about Kingsley. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

-Jason Goo Meng Zhe , Year 9 student

Every minute of our lives is an opportunity for us to do what we want to do, to be what we want to be and to live life to the fullest by being your own best self. I, Tripta Sanju Daryanani, believe I am a global citizen, who is empowered with my creative ambitions and goals to live life wholeheartedly.

From days to weeks to months, it’s already been two years! These two years have been life changing as I became the “Tripta” I am today. I discovered a new talent in culinary arts as I experimented and built my confidence in my cooking skills; I expanded my interest in performing arts to a musical production, RIFT, for stage management & coordination as I worked with the Senior Management and oversaw the backstage team of props, lights and fellow stage hands; I was honored to perform in the National Arts Gallery in Kuala Lumpur; I realized my ability to deliver presentations effectively and flawlessly and also, hosted as Masters of Ceremony during the Christmas Celebrations; I pursued my passion in dancing to enhance my movements during Teacher’s Day, Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year; I developed a curiosity to explore a musical instrument and thus, learnt to play Zither for the Charity Bazaar performance; I confidently designed my own costumes, a Sari showcasing my Indian heritage for Diwali and for Halloween.

When I arrived at Kingsley International School, I was hoping for a breath of fresh air, my heart was filled with aspirations for a new transformation and was keen to a novel beginning in my life. My first day initially was nerve-wracking. Yet walking past a sea of unknown faces towards my class direction, I was filled with optimism of growing in a new atmosphere, meeting teachers & friends with different outlooks, inspiring subjects that provide a unique opportunity to pursue my interest and embracing myself further. Looking back, I have realized that in life, there are always ups and downs and my experience was filled with that. However, as I strongly believe that “life is a flowing river with stones as hurdles, but eventually at the end, there is always a beautiful view”. Finding friends is never easy, but with the strong support of my helpful teachers and loving family, these experiences have made me stronger whether it’s fights with friends, academic struggles or the risk of trying something new.

Kingsley International School has taught me how to explore my interests, advance my passion and grow my skills in life and most importantly, given me a lifetime of fun-filled memories. Though no experience is perfect, I believe these two years have been close to perfect. I am happily standing here proud of who I am today, a confident, creative and adventurous student who has become an amazing and multi-talented leader, role model student, culinary artist, energetic dancer, expressive performer and effective communicator. And of course, this would never be possible with the continuous love and support from the best family I could ever ask for to whom I would be ever grateful, my ever encouraging and supporting teachers, cheerful school staff, legendary mentors who motivated me to go beyond my comfort zone and the school’s support as a whole. With my experiences in the past two years, I have this strong mindset that I am confident, independent, committed and motivated to achieve the impossible as I remember who I am and want to be. Kingsley International School will always have a special place in my heart forever and ever.

Tripta Sanju Daryanani, Alumni 2019/20

My daughter, Dakshi is a graduate of Kingsley International School. The experience that I as a parent and my daughter has been tremendously uplifting. The academics were exceptional and the teachers and administrators are very supportive and fully accessible in high school. The academic standards are high and the teachers never fail to amaze me to work with the students to reach high expectations. My daughter has great memories with Kingsley and her peers. She had an unlimited amount of support and love given by her teachers and friends. When she had to study for her IGCSE, she got a lot of inspiration and help from her subject teachers and she has never gone to get any extra help from tutoring centres because the teachers have given her exceptional teachings to gain her understandings very well. I am proud that my daughter is a part of Kingsley. Thank you Kingsley.

-Ashika Thilani, Parent

I studied in Kingsley International School for a long time, everything about my time there was amazing! I have continued my A Level studies there because I trusted the guidance I will be getting from the wonderful teachers. The Chief Executive Officer, Ms Ellis would come down to my classroom and have a conversation with me. Everyone at Kingsley is down-to-earth. The school has become a special place to me. This is the place that moulded me into who I am today. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the lovely people at Kingsley.

-Indrah Thelaganathan, Alumni of 2019/2020

World Scholar’s Cup Gold Medalist
Kingsley International School has certainly been an institution of heart-warming memories and the happiest of times. I remember the moment I received my admission letter as a scholarship student and entered Kingsley International School’s campus.
The teachers at Kingsley are definitely the most profoundly ingenious people I’ve met throughout my educational journey. They embody impressive personalities and enlighten students in the best ways possible. As I graduate in 2 years, I have realized that my will and spirit to strive will never fade away as I have been heavily nourished and supported by my amazing teachers. A special thanks to my science teachers, who have enlightened and educated me in the science stream. I have a great appreciation for the school facilities as well such as the science laboratories where I pursue my avid desires for the knowledge of science. I had never imagined to be able to partake in so many fascinating science experiments that completely blew my mind away.
In the past 3 years, I have met admirable peers and amazing friends that have grown close to me throughout the years. Although we may all be different, we share a common goal which is to strive for success. Having the advantage to study in a superb learning environment, we are granted a clear aim. That aim is to succeed in life and to never disappoint anybody who has invested time and money on students with hopes to just witness a bright future in return.
– Goh Jitt Ken, Alumni of 2019/2020

Kingsley have given me the opportunity to showcase my talents and character. This school is all about giving chances to people who have problems. In my old school, there was a lot of bullies, teachers being biased and the environment of the classroom is always uncomfortable to be in. The syllabus they were using doesn’t help students that much. At Kingsley, you won’t feel like a stranger here because most of the students and teachers would always welcome you with open arms. The environment in the class is always filled with smiles, hardworking students and teachers. They also provide opportunities to join a club. The meals that the canteen provides is always delicious, healthy and of high-quality. This is what I experienced at Kingsley.

– Chua Y.T. , Current student

I am a alumnus of Kingsley International School and I graduated in the academic year of 2018/2019. I have studied in Kingsley for exactly 5 years, from 2014 to 2019. Over the years, I have learned a number of skills such as improving teamwork spirit, being independent and many more. For starters, I have been a below average student, that many people had doubted and made fun off hence my grades. I had only 2 credits out 7 subjects and failing the rest that I took back in year 10. However having said that, my classmates and teachers stood by my side every time and remained positive and hopeful. They would never stop motivating me and in the process, helped me with the subjects that I struggled a lot with. During the IGCSE period, I was predicated to have no A’s, 1 B and 6 Credits but on the day that my results came out, I myself could not believe the grades I obtained. They were 3 A’s , 2 B’s and 2 Credits and no fails. My journey in Kingsley was a wild experience and I truly have to thank the school, the teachers and my classmates for making me be the person I am today.

– Chua D.M. , Alumni 2018/19