A Day in the Life of a Preschool Educator at Kingsley

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The alarm rings and your child…

  • Wakes up fresh and excited for school
  • Needs a little motivation to wake up
  • Snoozes and goes back to sleep
  • Snoozes and does NOT want to go to school

Which option looks the closest to how each morning starts for your child?

We can all agree that option A is the best and ideal answer. And at Kingsley, we aim to provide a holistic experience that encourages children to always wake up FRESH and EXCITED to tackle the challenges of the day!

However, we also understand that each child is as unique as a thumbprint! Did your toddler need a gentle pat to wake up? It’s okay to snooze too! Sleep is crucial for a preschoolers’ growth in terms of their physical health, emotional wellbeing and even their cognitive development.


Did you know

Preschoolers typically require 10 – 13 hours of adequate sleep daily.

How many hours of sleep does your preschooler get?

Each day is a different experience and we aim to guide our students through it as best we can.

How does Kingsley provide a nurturing environment?

At Kingsley, a typical day for our preschool teachers is a blend of careful preparation, dynamic instruction, and meaningful interactions, all tailored to foster the holistic development of each child. Guided by the Cambridge Curriculum, our educators dedicate themselves to creating an enriching environment that combines structured learning with personalised attention and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Let’s take a closer look at how a day in the life of a preschool educator in Kingsley looks like…

A group of young children having fun together with the much beloved preschool teacher

Monday Blues? We don’t know about that because our teacher makes each day fun and exciting!

Morning Preparation and Personalised Plans

Each day begins long before the students arrive, as teachers meticulously prepare materials and lesson plans based on the individual data and needs of each preschooler. This personalised approach ensures that every child receives the attention and resources they need to thrive. Our teachers review progress reports, adapt activities to suit diverse learning styles, and set up engaging, developmentally appropriate tasks.

A group of students support a boy as he plays the opening for the 24 festive drums

The rising sun demands focus and energy! That’s how our day at Kingsley begins.

Starting the Day with Focus and Energy

The school week at Kingsley kicks off with the invigorating rhythm of the 24 festive drums. This unique activity is designed to help children focus, channel their energy, and prepare for the day ahead. The drumming session is not only a fun and rhythmic start but also enhances concentration and coordination among the children.

A trio of friends hugging each other, while holding up a peace sign.

Settle down, settle down! Class is about to begin.

Circle Time: Building Community and Social Skills

Following the drumming, children gather with their homeroom teacher for circle time. This important session fosters socialisation, enhances communication skills, and strengthens the sense of community within the classroom. During circle time, children share their thoughts, listen to each other, and participate in group activities that build empathy and teamwork.

A young toddler uses a magnifying glass to observe a specimen in his other hand

“What’s this specimen here?” The Cambrdge curriculum is touted as one of the most holistic curriculum for the next generation. Children not only learn to observe their surroundings, but also encouraged to take notes and put the observations into real life.

Structured Learning with the Cambridge Curriculum

The core of the daily schedule revolves around regular classes based on the Cambridge Curriculum. Our teachers deliver lessons in literacy, numeracy, science, and arts, ensuring a well-rounded academic foundation. The curriculum is carefully designed to be both challenging and engaging, promoting critical thinking and creativity.

A child gets extra attention from his teacher

Our classrooms always have a homeroom teacher and an assisting teaching aide to ensure each child is on track with the lesson plan

Personalised Lessons for Individual Growth

In addition to the standard curriculum, teachers at Kingsley provide personalised lessons tailored to each child’s unique abilities and interests. This individualised approach helps address specific learning needs and nurtures each child’s potential. Whether a child excels in a particular subject or requires additional support, our educators adapt their teaching methods to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

Group of students practising football on rooftop field at Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

Smells like TEAM SPIRIT! Our students practise accuracy and formations on the field.

Extracurricular Activities: Expanding Horizons

Afternoons at Kingsley are vibrant with a variety of extracurricular activities that extend learning beyond the classroom. Our diverse programme includes pony-riding, swimming, drumming, and more. These activities not only enhance physical development but also teach important life skills such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Teachers supervise and engage with children during these sessions, fostering a love for lifelong learning and healthy lifestyles.

Young boy in classroom is given time to reflect on today’s lessons.

What’s Ah Boy writing on the reflection paper? Writing down your feelings or talking about the day is highly encouraged for emotional regulation.

Reflection and Preparation for the Next Day

As the school day concludes, teachers spend time reflecting on the day’s activities and the progress of their students. They update individual records, plan for the next day, and communicate with parents to ensure a collaborative approach to each child’s education. This ongoing reflection and preparation are crucial for maintaining the high standards of personalised education that Kingsley prides itself on.

Early Childhood Education research has time and again reiterated the importance of rest, routine and activity for young children. As experienced educators, we at Kingsley have seen the benefits of setting a preschool schedule for toddlers.

Our teachers work very hard at curating a schedule that not only benefits the ever-growing children, while at the same time, personalising the activities based on the students’ interests at the time. These personalised preschool schedules help the students familiarise themselves with the environment, encouraging them to further explore and find out about the ever-evolving world around them!

Being a preschool teacher at Kingsley is a role that requires dedication, creativity, and a deep commitment to each child’s growth and wellbeing. Our educators are not just teachers; they are mentors, guides, and role models who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our young learners. Through personalised planning, structured learning, and diverse activities, a day in the life of a Kingsley preschool teacher is as dynamic and rewarding as the educational journey they provide for their students.

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