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A-maize-ing Journey

By September 25, 2020 No Comments

At Maple Leaf Kingsley International School, we encourage our students to learn about school farming. The importance of school farming is to encourage extended learning in classrooms beyond traditional settings and to have hands-on experience as well as to understand the overall farming process.

School farms boost learning and engagement across the curriculum, and provide innovative ways to teach students about wellbeing and green issues.

The future of agriculture does depend on the next generation. As population grows, so does the need to be able to produce enough food to feed everyone.

At Kingsley, we need to ensure that we are equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to make sound and informative decisions. The more we teach our students about where food comes from, how it is raised and if it is sustainable, the better decision makers they will become.

We commenced an informative and interesting program called A-maize-ing Journey at the primary level. Initially, when we introduced the concept of ‘Corn in an Egg Shell’ to the primary students, they were rather sceptical. However, they were quick to respond positively and brought their egg shells and egg cartons to start the planting sessions with enthusiasm.

Within the subsequent four to five days, corn shoots began to sprout. The germination process had begun. During this crucial process, students were taught that plants need the right amount of water to grow well, air to live and sunlight to sprout healthily.

The learning outcome of this project is for our students to gain environmental awareness and comprehend why global warming is dangerous to our planet.