About Us
Group 862

Who Are We?

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School–fondly known as Kingsley–is a homegrown international school that aspires to inspire curiosity and enrich our students with real-world experiences.

We motivate our students to live purposefully and fearlessly by modelling important values within the environment. We believe that resilience, self-discipline and the ability to relate to others are vital achievements to stimulate a child’s learning and holistic development.

Our students are moulded through firm yet kind actions, building strong trust and giving genuine care. We have learned that authentic connections not only make our students feel valued but empower them from within and encourage the youth to go further.

We aspire to produce all-rounded individuals

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School is conveniently located in the heart of Subang, easily accessible via 2 major highways, the LDP and ELITE highways.

The school sits proudly atop Wawasan Hill, surrounded by lush greenery and immense fields. We keep our community close to nature and ensure that our students and staff have access to fresh air, plenty of sunshine and lots of space for physical activities.

Our location was meticulously selected due to its proximity to nature. Kingsley’s commitment to our students’ health & wellbeing encompasses not only education methodologies but also their physical and mental security.

Our Purpose

Kingsley’s holistic approach to inspire curiosity, enrich our students’ lives with real-world experiences and equip them with the skills and knowledge to conquer the world. With this aspiration, we mould our students with a purpose to compete among the best!

As a homegrown international school trusted by over 1,500 families, we are accomplished in nurturing local and international students to be come confident, engaged, innovative and respectful individuals. Through years of experience, we have achieved in cultivating an environment for our community to flourish by combining a visionary curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and an expansive environment to learn in

We place importance in upholding the interests of our communities in order to empower the next generation of leaders and recognise that children learn by imitating those around them.

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School aspires to enrich the lives of students with real-world experiences with a holistic curriculum and supportive environment. Read about what the Kingsley community has to say about the school.