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E-Graduation 2020

By July 10, 2020 No Comments

Dear graduating class of 2020,

Congratulations! You have made it to E-Graduation. Though you may not have the opportunity to physically throw your hat in the air or celebrate with your friends, this is really a moment for you all to realise that you have come a long way!

You’re finally graduating from High school!

You will be a part of the global family of students, millions of students exactly like you, who are opening a new chapter in life. All your hard work or efforts has NOT gone unnoticed or without assessments! You must all know that, determination, and commitment will be the judgement for a successful life in your future!

The long hours you have spent studying, the lack of rest and sleep as you pulled all-nighters to complete your assignments last minute, unforgettable field trips and learning journeys will remain as memories in years to come.

The endless bargaining for lunch money, the arguments in PE classes and the tears you shed after your terrifying tests and the looks of regrets for not having listened more in classes!

These are the “What ifs” that sets the start for a more positive and successful tertiary adventure.

Right now, each of you might feel uncertain and lost. However, in this horrifying world phenomenon a lot of people are dying form COVID 19 and there’s a looming war among the world leaders, famine and natural disasters. Many people out in the world are loosing the fight to terrible diseases and many are dying because they have no opportunity to live.

So with this graduation, I’m encouraging you to focus on the good times.

I’m encouraging you to focus on your accomplishments.

I’m encouraging you to make that zoom calls and go celebrate because in these two months, it has been said that you are a collection of your past experiences, therefore all your experiences throughout school made you who you are today.

And just because things are a little bit different this year, doesn’t mean the memories that you’ve made will ever fade away. You are all lucky! And blessed! You are receiving the beacon of hope today! Take it! Run with it! Let the graduating scroll be the catalyst that brings you high and successful.

To all of you, graduation isn’t defined by a sheet, a paper, your graduation gown or the fabulous halls. Graduation is defined by your courage to have moved forward in your life, to have taken the every next steps to arrive!

So, what does graduation mean to you?

It is the start of your new venture in life.

The beginning of another 5 years of education?

The birth of a new idea setting up of a new company or to be involved in social movement?

So dear graduating class of 2020, whatever graduation means to you believe in yourself, believe in your dreams for I believe in you!.

Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Now go forth! Celebrate, and use the gifts and talents in the each and every one of you to make the impossible, possible!

Thank you.

SIMHA PRIYA A/P SIMHA MURTHI – Vice Principal of Kingsley International School