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Kingsley International School receives three prestigious rankings on 9th July 2020 from World School in Europe

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World Schools is an e- guide for the best International Schools for parents and students.

This is a prominent online platform and they are dedicated to provide prospective parents with the information they need to make the best educational choices for their child, no matter where they are in the world or where their travels may take them next.

World School’s expertise is to help parents and students to find a school which of quality that meets their educational needs and requirements for the child to achieve their academic goals.

Since 2014, World Schools is proud to help over 500 thousand parents and guardians each year and they are passionate about continuously improving their services they provide and ensuring their target audience have access to accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information.

World Schools can only do this through experience, which is why they have visited some of the best International Schools in the world on behalf of parents, students and guardians. As a result, they have first-hand experience of what each school has to offer, helping parents to make a selection with complete confidence.

World Schools motto is to Find the Perfect International School with Ease.

They claim that one may never know where life may take him / her and their family. At World Schools, they understand the challenges of finding the right international school and set out to make the journey as smooth and straightforward as possible. Whether parents are looking for a boarding school or international school, their website is packed with numerous profile of schools that will help parents and students to narrow down their search and find the perfect choice swiftly.

At Kingsley International School we are truly honoured to receive the following three rankings from World Schools:

  1. Best International School in Malaysia
  • Best British School in Asia
  • Best Boarding School in the World



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