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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please be informed of the following school information below. The status as per the Ministry’s instruction is for international schools to continue physical learning for all EYD children, all Year 11 and A-Level students. Therefore, we shall abide by the law as loyal citizen.
Some of you may find it useful or helpful as we all come together to navigate our ways through the days ahead. The Priority from ML KIS will always be – every child’s learning must be progressive, if not more, even as they adapt to the new normal.

    Physical Attendance – per normal timetable.
    Covid19 SOPs – strictly adherence by school.
    Meals – per normal for A-Level students.
    CAs (continuous assessments) – per normal in school by physical teachers in attendance.
    • It is important that A Level students made efforts to be in school to ensure all CAs are done
    • There will be no refund for Resource Fee due to the availability of school for A-Level, heeding the government’s instruction.

2) YEAR 11
     Physical Attendance – per normal timetable.
     Covid19 SOPs – strictly adherence by school.
     Meals – per normal for those on meal plans. Do let us know if those not on meal plans would like to have meals in schools by informing the school       principal, Ms Priya in advance.
     CAs (continuous assessments) – per normal in school by physical teachers in attendance.
     • It is important that Year 11 students made conscious efforts to be in school to ensure all CAs are done.
     • All CAs will not be done online to ensure integrity of the exam process (and to prevent any un-towards incidents like Plagiarism, on-line cheating etc).
     • All CAs scheduled will no longer be rescheduled unless student is hospitalised. Please refer to the academic calendar.
     • All CAs are important in the event Cambridge UK calls for documentation proofs to be submitted in lieu of CIE exams (if this is not to take place).
        There will be no refunds for MP or Resource Fee due to the availability of school for Year 11, heeding the government’s instruction.

      ECA – per normal to be done in school. All arrangements will be done with follow-ups to be given as to each student’s ECA signed up. There will be no refunds for this activity if the students choose not to participate or not to be on-line as all efforts are being carried out by school, heeding the government’s instruction.

    A-LEVELS LESSONS – During this period, all Year 11 students who are free will have the opportunities to enter any A Level lessons which are conducted.  

This will be made FOC so that students will have preliminary ideas on how A Level Study is like and will help them to make better decisions as to the prospect of them venturing out to study in unsafe environments.

Year 11 students will continue to get preferential discounts/fee waivers with free uniforms if they opt to continue A Level in ML KIS. The Bridging program in June 2021 will be free for those signing up. IELTS classes will also be free.

(These are only for those firmed to enrol for September 2021 intake/January 2022 intake).

3) YEAR 1, YEAR 2, YEAR 3, YEAR 4, YEAR 5, YEAR 6, YEAR 7, YEAR 8, YEAR 9, YEAR 10
     • School will not be available till the two-weeks curfew is lifted by the Government.
     • All lessons will be conducted online as per the timetables.
     • All ECAs will be conducted online, will not be placed, will not be refunded.
     • All attendances will be taken for all lessons (including ECAs).
     • All paid meals will be carried forward if not utilised.

4) EYD (Nursery & Reception)
     • Per the Government’s instructions, school will continue per normal for these levels with their level teachers in attendance.
     • Lessons – per normal timetable.
     • Covid19 SOPs – strictly adherence by school.
     • Meals – per normal for students on meal plans.
     • Delay in pick-ups – please inform the HRT or Ms Yasotha or the teacher in charge if you are unable to pick up your child/ward on time. The school will provide after school care. (Do write to Ms Yasotha or call her for more information).
     • There will be no refunds for MP or Resource Fee due to the availability of school heeding the government’s instruction.

     • All online classes continue with online rules and regulations.
     • Parents are advised to stay away (unless the child is too small), and children are to obey all online protocols set.
     • Please ensure your child/wards are punctual; excuses such as stomach aches or visitations to grandparents are not excepted.
     • Homework not submitted or late submission are also not excused. (Adults – kindly do not standby any excuses from the child/student).
     • Should your child feel too stressed over online classes, the child or you are to inform the respective HRT.
     • All online classes will end with 5-7 minutes of Q&A by EACH teacher to ensure learning took place and no student are left out – unable to comprehend each and every lesson.

     • Should you wish to place your child/ward in weekday stay in the KIS RH, the charge is RM150.00 per night which is inclusive of all meals (3 daily), pastoral care and prep times.
     • There are 30 slots available for only 30 students from Year 5 – A Level for this period.
     • This is to ensure all children are able to stay physically and study online in the school environment with teachers and carers, nurses on standby.
     • All parents/guardians interested are to contact the school or to email:
        Ms Irene –; or Mr Basky –
        Before 5pm today (12th January 2021)
     • The school will issue a letter to ensure the safe passage to the school for the student to check into the RH.
     • Boarding activities will be conducted each day before or after Prep Time (Prep time 7.30 – 8.30pm).
     • These activities are exhaustive and include: Art & Craft; Cooking; Baking; Singing; GYM & body building; and all activities are FOC to students with facilitators.

7) RESOURCE PACKS (*often mistaken as Resource Fees)
     • All students from Primary 2 to Primary 6 will be provided Resource Packs printed out and bind for them. Parents are to collect from the Front Office tomorrow (13th January 2021 Wednesday – 9am to 12pm) so students can continue teaching learning at home when online classes resumed. Please print out the attached letter for travelling to school.
    • All resource packs for secondary will be distributed by the secondary subject teachers to their own students with instructions to follow.
    • All resource packs are available only to those who have paid.
    • Kindly refer to the list if your child/ward have not paid for the resource pack – which are prepared as school worksheets or homework assignments by the school teachers. Work not performed due to the unavailability of such worksheets may deemed crucial to the student’s comprehension of the lessons being taught.
    • Kindly do not placed your child/ward’s learning in jeopardy, and pay for the Resource pack to avoid further delay in their learning.

8) ECA
    • While the pandemic rages on, and the government calls for more lockdowns, the uncertainty of Teaching and Learning means we, the human beings have to learn to strategize and optimize how our children will continue to expand their horizons.
    • The school will continue with all ECA activities online and there will be no refunds for this category (unless the child/ward is hospitalized).

    • This school facility and browsing of resources will continue be available for ALL students during the curfew period from 8am – 5pm. Kindly contact the school in order for us to issue a letter to ensure you are allowed to proceed to the school environment for this purpose during this period.

    • For all students using the school appointed transport (EYD, Year 11 & A-Level students)
     • Kindly stay engaged with the transport co-ordinator – Madam Lee (+6016 282 1743) or call the school for help.

All teachers come together to teach, nurture and thus, they have already surpassed all expectation in the area of teaching on social medias.
Thank you for working with the school, by understanding all constraints and knowing that we are always here to care for each child’s education.

The virus is not going away, for a long time, and this is what we have informed in our PTP in March 2020. Thus, travelling will not be a privilege for not only a few, but for all, because the pandemic is globalised.

So, we should think globalised too, let’s teach all our kids not to be complacent, whinge and complaint less, but to study and think diligently how to move forward – by listening to instructions and think in more engaging manners.

Stay safe, stay in touch.

Yours Sincerely,
Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

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