Life as a Kingsley Boarder is an exciting and enriching journey that complements your child’s learning experience throughout the years. At the Maple Leaf Kingsley Residential Hall, our goal is to instil values and mould the character of our students. They learn to become independent, develop critical and creative thinking and are able to solve real world problems in their own way.

We create an environment conducive to learning, where students experience a diverse range of opportunities and are encouraged to give it a go! We expect the highest standards - from our students and teachers - in all aspects of living and working in a school community. We hope that these memories will be the highlight of their adolescent years that last beyond their years in Kingsley.

At the Residential Hall, our boarders are given a daily routine, meticulously managed by our teachers. The students benefit from bonding activities, support from their peers as well as a safe and secure environment, in which they thrive in.


Counselling Service

The school provides counselling services for boarders in need of support & assistance.

Laundry Service

The school provides pickup laundry washing and ironing services for the boarders.

Linen Change

The school provides a bed linen change every Friday on a fortnightly basis.

Health Services

Boarders under the care of the Boarding House staff have access to a dedicated nurse in case of injuries or illness.

Nutritious Meals

Boarders can expect after-school dinners and weekend (Saturday & Sunday) meals will be provided.


The boarders at Maple Leaf Kingsley Residential Hall benefit from a range of activities, social-emotional bonding and holistic development.



  • Termly full boarding (single room) : RM12,000/term
  • Fees charged include trips/excursions, laundry and meals after school and weekend.
  • Termly full boarding (double room) : RM8,000/term
  • Fees charged include laundry and meals after school (Monday to Thursday only).
  • Weekday boarding (single room) : RM8,800/term
  • Weekday boarding (double room) : RM4,800/term
  • Trips/excursions are charged separately if students want to join.

Room Layout




Kingsley Boarding House is open on all days except:

  • Term 1 school break (December every year - 3 weeks).
  • Term 3 school break (July - August every year - 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Boarders are to return home on the last day of school of Term 1 and Term 3, and report back to Kingsley Boarding House two days before the school reopens the following term.

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