At Maple Leaf Kingsley Residential Hall, we want to instill in our students the values and ways of solving real world problems independently. This is done through the creation of a stimulating environment in which students experience a diverse range of opportunities and are encouraged to ‘give it a go’ and strive to give their best in all they do. We expect the highs standards in all aspects of living and working in a school community.


We aim to:

  • Provide a safe and caring environment
  • Safeguard and promote welfare of each child
  • Provide accommodation that is comfortable and suited to the needs of children
  • Assist the child in developing his/her responsibility for self, others and the environment
  • Develop leadership and being able to work as part of a team
  • Develop the whole person, a desire for self-learning and a respect for others
  • Produce an open and trusting ethos in which all children feel that they are able to approach any member of the community (staff or student) confidently with the knowledge that they will be treated and respected as individuals
  • Encourage an atmosphere of tolerance, openness and trust
  • Provide suitable conditions for children to be able to speak to members of staff and to be able to share and seek advice, counselling and support in times of difficulty
  • As students and staff, we decide together on a range of activities, hobbies and pastimes that will assist in personal, social and cultural development of each child
  • Students and staff plan together new experiences which are fun and exciting

Essential Information

(updated as at 11 June 2019)


Boarding Category:

  • Termly full boarding (single room) : RM12,000/term
  • Termly full boarding (double room) : RM8,000/term
  • Weekday boarding (single room) : RM8,800/term
  • Weekday boarding (double room) : RM4,800/term
  • Fees charged include trips/excursions, laundry and meals after school and weekend
  • Fees charged include laundry and meals after school (Monday to Thursday only).
  • Trips/excursions are charged separately if students want to join.

Double Hostel Room

Single Hostel Room

Student Services:

Counselling Service
The school provides a counseling service for students who need the assistance of the counsellor.

Laundry Service
The school provides laundry service for the boarders. Laundry will be picked up for washing. Ironing included.

Bed linen Change
Bed linen will be changed every two weeks on a Friday morning.

Health Services
The Boarding House Nurser is responsible for the well being of students who become ill or injured while under the care of the Boarding House staff.

Food Services
Dinner after school and meals on Saturdays and Sundays are provided.

Boarding House calendar:

Kingsley Boarding House is open on all days except:

  1. Term 1 school break (December every year - 3 weeks)
  2. Term 3 school break (July - August every year - 5 to 6 weeks

Boarders are to return home on the last day of school of Term 1 and Term 3, and report back to Kingsley Boarding House two days before the school reopens the following term.

The School academic calendar can be downloaded here.

Please contact our Customer Service personnel
at +603-54816090 or
to schedule a placement test for your child.