A SCHOOL  Like No Other.....


Kingsley ethos echoes the wish of every parent: for his or her child to be happy, productive and fulfilled in life. Which is  why we aim to inspire curiosity and bring enriching, real-world experiences into the lives of our students.

We believe resilience, self-discipline and the ability to relate to others are more vital to achievement than IQ.

We care for our students with kindness and firmness – building connections with them and making them feel valued so they can be their best selves.

We invest, impart and instill positive values that will empower children to be life achievers who see the importance of living purposefully and fearlessly.

We recognise that for children to become confident, engaged, innovative, reflective, and respectful individuals, that’s who we first have to be.

Investing In People, Growing Better Learners

Kingsley International School is in the business of growing people. For people to grow better as learners, Kingsley International School places high importance on upholding the interests of its communities.

Kingsley International School takes immense pride in cultivating supportive environments where people flourish with strong values, good character and high achievement.

Academic development is empowered with aptitude and attitude development as Kingsley International School students should be equipped to do well in life, not just in tests. Because great education starts with great educators, Kingsley International School invests heavily in teachers and trainers.

This is achieved by creating opportunities for educators to grow professionally and personally. When Kingsley International School uplifts its educators, they lift up those in their care.