Performing Arts
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Performing Arts programme

The enriching Performing Arts programme helps children use their voice and body to express themselves through drama, dance and music. In addition to developing artistic talents, kids get to practise language skills and learn to be comfortable in the spotlight in a fun, informal environment.

The skills students learn in the Performing Arts programme give them the confidence to accomplish their goals and objectives on the Stage of Life. Through music, dance and drama, students develop self-discipline, memory concentration, focus, cooperation, imagination and empathy through role-playing.

Speech & Drama

The Speech & Drama activity is an integral part of the English lessons at Kingsley International School. This programme is designed to enhance students’ communication skills through a comprehensive exploration of body language, facial expressions, acting, voice modulation, and intonation.

By participating in this activity, students gain confidence and improve their expressive abilities, which are crucial for effective communication. They learn to convey emotions and ideas clearly and creatively, enriching their overall academic experience and personal development.

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