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Recycle For Life (RFL) Project

By June 22, 2020 No Comments

Kingsley International School is proud to be announced as the WINNER of RFL (Recycle for Life) project! One person alone cannot do this; it takes the joint efforts of all people. When everyone switches to eco-friendly living habits we can really curb pollution, mitigate global warming, and save the Earth’s resources. As inhabitants of the Earth, let us protect her so that she can remain safe and well. Only when our planet is well can we humankind be safe and well. To give back to the Earth for all that she has provided to us, let us all take care of our planet together!

“Things aren’t always what they seem You’re only seeing part of me There’s more than you could ever know Behind the scenes.” – Francesca Battistelli
Now, let’s have a look behind the scenes.

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