The school’s vigorous sports programme provides opportunities for kids to develop motor skills, fitness, and good sportsmanship. In addition to a regular fitness routine, students get to choose from a wide variety of athletic and sporting activities for ECA.

Each year, the four houses compete for house points and the coveted Inter-House Sports Cup. It is through sports that our students learn discipline, teamwork and leadership that, win or lose, the most important thing is making it to the finish line.

The four sports houses of Maple Leaf Kingsley are named after legendary Old World Conquerors; the steadfast Tudors (green), courageous Romans (yellow), brave Vikings (red) and strong Stuarts (blue).

Under a common banner, kids learn the value of discipline, healthy competition, teamwork, sportsmanship and determination while exercising their bodies, minds and social skills through regular sporting activities and inter-house games.


Every year, our students will try their best to lift the Kingsley House Cup. Points are accumulated throughout the academic year, and there will be several sports events held in and out of school for students and parents to participate in order to gain more points for the sports house.

Maple Leaf Kingsley Sports Awards

Since 2014, we have been awarding our Best Sportsperson through two awards annually: