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School Reopening

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With reference to our earlier message with regards to the preparation for the school to resume classroom operations, please find the latest arrangement in accordance to MOE/MOH’s guidance. Sharing the same sentiment as the Ministries to allow the older children to attend school, we are also enforcing blended learning.

All students will continue with Digital Online classes as the learning delivery modality for the meantime.

Year 10, A-Level, and RMIT students will return to face to face/physical attendance in school starting 24th June 2020 Wednesday.

Students firmed to attend these face to face/physical classes are to inform us of your physical attendance (2) two days in advance for the planning of:

1. Meals – All foods to be prepared a la minute & ensure safety and hygiene procedures are adhered in the preparation of food. 2. Travel Updates – All parents must submit and declare truthfully any travel details in the form/QR code. Form to be filled will be released next week. All form must be filled and submitted (2) two days before school begin on 24th June 2020. 3. All students to come with PPE and extra masks must be packed in their school bag. Like all parents and students, we the staff are also disappointed for school operation to be delayed but we must all understand the simple philosophy behind – Safety First, Life Matters!

We missed our children but we are prepared to wait a little longer, be a good citizen to abide by the law issued by the government so that our children learn to be law-abiders too. Thank you for the patience and tolerance in waiting, and soon, we will be back to get stronger with the new normal. We sincerely apologize for the constant updates and changes. Changes are made with adherence to the Malaysian Government/MOE/MOH’s directive. We shall continue to change with their instructions.


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