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Year 10 Art & Design Class 2021

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Art & Design involves visual art forms such as printmaking, painting, photography, drawing, sculpting and fabrics with simultaneous digital design skills, for example visual communication design and more.

Photography is part of our Cambridge IGCSE Art & Design Syllabus. Kingsley’s talented art teacher, Mr Michael has imparted a few useful photography tips and tactics to help students to get started. The aim is to improve their observation and research preparatory skills. The learning outcome of basic principles of photography includes the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed & ISO). Students need to balance all 3 requirements in order to achieve the desired results of their images.

Our students learned the ways to capture with “Rule of Thirds” in Still Life sessions, Light Painting and Macro Photography. Overall, our students managed to explore and enjoy using the functions of DSLR and Phone Camera. Do enjoy some of the amazing shoots by our Year 10 Art & Design students.

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