Our Early Years Department (EYD) celebrates the positive aspects of children. They are given the opportunity to develop their fullest potential by creating an environment where differences are recognised, understood and appreciated. We provide this foundation for children to thrive and develop at their own pace.

We also take the liberty to boast about our high educational standards for Nursery and Reception level teachers and assistant teachers. They are provided regular in-service training, professional development and continual curriculum & programme reviews. Our Early Years Department caters for children aged 3 and 5 years old, where our youngest learners adapt and evolve in a contained, safe and secure environment.

Throughout the Early Years Foundation stage, a child’s learning is enhanced through a wide variety of play-based activities meticulously planned by the teachers. The children are encouraged to follow their interests, plans and create their own activities under our teacher’s guidance. We create a positive environment by rewarding students generously and providing enjoyable experiences where they can further explore, discover and create a sound platform for their future learning.

7 Areas of Learning
and Development

Activities take place both indoors and outdoors, using various areas and resources in order to provide a wider range of learning experience.

Programme Information

Our commitment to offering a holistic curriculum capitalises on a child’s most crucial development period. By building a strong foundation during the early years, they grow to be individuals with the confidence to explore, gain a sense of self and are able to communicate with their peers and community.

Subjects offered


An entry assessment will be administered by the Head of Early Years Department. Students will be tested on their ability to:


Answer simple

Follow a 1-to-2-step

Basic understanding
of colours and shapes

Knowledge of the
alphabet and numbers


School Hours

8.00am - 3.30pm

8.00am - 3.00pm

8.00am - 2.20pm